About Us


Founded in 2006 as ADD WATER, the group has grown through a series of acquisitions to be one of the most dynamic multidisciplinary trade services providers in Perth.


At Add Business Group, we pride ourselves on understanding and meeting the individual needs of our core client base. Our people believe in maintaining sustainable work practices and delivering work of the highest standard.

We recognise the importance of investing in the next generation and aim to develop our people by providing a supportive work environment where they can thrive.

We continue to improve our business systems every day. We are a learning organization that captures the lessons from the past and applies them in the future.

We are committed to being an equal opportunity employer and to providing training opportunities to local people in order to maximize the benefits of infrastructure investment to the surrounding community.


Add Business Group has an exceptional safety record and follows stringent safety procedures on all our projects.

We acknowledge that active co-operation of all employees and subcontractors is required in ensuring a safe and healthy workplace.

Consequently, our Managing Director and all Senior Management are committed to a consultative approach, where all staff within the business accept responsibility for their own safety, and for the health and safety of all other persons in the work place.

Senior Management plays an integral role in the sharing of OHS information to site based staff through regular toolbox talks and visits to site, allowing all staff the opportunity to raise any issues they may have.

We are constantly improving. Our tablet-based Safety Management System means improvements to safety procedures are distributed to our work force in real time.


“To establish and maintain a diverse range of complementary companies that deliver quality service.”