Working with and for major building contractors, we have the ability to provide a “labour only” or a “supply and labour” service to our clients. We have worked in all conditions and locations, and are comfortable in our ability to meet timeframe and budgetary expectations.

Our adherence to occupational health and safety practices allows our teams to work safely and efficiently, with high levels of client communication ensuring expectations are met and safe builds delivered.

We can diversify across a number of projects and industries including;

Retail and restaurants

  • Restaurants – shop and bar fronts, counters, doors, windows, reception counters, commercial kitchens, island units, servery areas, freezer rooms, menu boards.
  • Retail – shop fittings, counters, merchandise displays, glass cabinets, strip shelving, fixed shelving, mobile shelving, slat-wall shelving, picture railing


  • Interior wall panels – partitions, panelling to underside of stairs and walkways
  • Panelled ceilings – timber veneer or laminated ceiling panels, suspended timber veneer or laminated ceiling panels


  • Industrial – Chemical storage cabinets, soundproof walls, surgery fitouts


  • Functional spaces – workstations, shelving, cabinets, boardrooms, utility rooms, whiteboards, lockers, recording studios, skylights
  • High visibility areas – breakout areas, feature blade walls, signage, doors, lift lobby areas

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