Installing timber flooring can completely transform your home and provide a warm, comfortable and stylish atmosphere.  Most people tend to overlook the fact that timber has a timeless appeal. Timber Flooring’s appeal last for decades if not centuries. While other materials such as carpets and even tiles go in and out of fashion and are basically short lived, timber flooring has the ability to maintain the same charm and look.

Other types of flooring materials wear and tear over time and require a lot of capital and efforts to restore. Actually, some flooring materials such as carpets may need to be changed all together, meaning you have to incur the cost of buying and installing new materials once again.

In contrast, timber requires little if any repair. Although timber flooring can be scratched over the years, or be a bit damaged due to heavy wear and tear, a simple sand and seal will renew it again. This not only maintains your homes elegance as the floor is always in shape, it also saves you money which would have otherwise been used to acquire new carpets and tiles .

As a natural product, timber floor can be kept clean by dusting regularly which only takes a short time. New technology in cleaning wood stains and finishes means only minimal vacuuming or sweeping is necessary to keep your floor hygienic and looking fresh as new. Although carpets and tiles may be easier to clean as with timber floors, they do not possess that warm feeling of “being at home.”

Timber flooring is not limited to only one design and there are a variety of choices of patterns, looks, styles and fashion to choose from.

Add Carpentry’s friendly team can provide you with all the information and advice you may require, and assist you in finding the ideal fit for your particular project.

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