Kitchen and Bathrooms


Add Carpentry offers a complete new kitchen and bathroom service including design, construction and installation.

We specialise in custom built designs in all styles and keep abreast of a constantly changing market to ensure all requirements can be met regarding both design and finish. We work with products such as timber, vinyl wrap, emporite, laminate, composite stone, granite, stainless steel and glass.

We will co-ordinate the work of all trades involved in your project including plumbers, electricians, carpenters, plasterers and tilers. All the work is carried out by our own professional trade team in house, no subcontractors!


Thinking of renovating your kitchen or bathroom? It may be easier than you think!

Add Carpentry specialises in revitalising and updating these spaces with small or comprehensive renovations. This is often a good option if the basic layout is functional and the existing cabinetry is structurally sound.

A kitchen or bathroom renovation is an opportunity to update your existing space by replacing only the visual aspects such as benchtops, cupboard doors, handles, splashbacks, tiles, sinks/vanities and appliances. This process eliminates the need to remove the existing kitchen or bathroom whilst still allowing for the modification of existing cabinetry where required, installation of new appliances and modernisation of shelving and storage systems. This process gives you the look and the feel of a new space at a much lower cost.

You will be amazed at what a facelift can do!

We love efficiency, craftsmanship and great design so contact us to discuss your best option for an attractive and functional space that will truly enhance your home.



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