Get your garden winter ready

The weather is starting to cool down which means the garden is slowly starting to grow dormant. Before you put the gardening tools away, there are still a few things that you can do to ensure that your garden is ready for winter and that it has a head start on the new growing season.

During the colder months, although it doesn’t look like it on the outside, there is a lot of activity occurring under the ground. Your trees, plants, shrubs and bulbs all have growing roots that require nutrients. Mulch will provide these nutrients as it decomposes over winter as well as protecting them from the weather. Mulch will give your plants the head start they need for Spring.

Aerate your lawn
Aerating your lawn will help to improve drainage and ensure the winter rains can penetrate to the roots. Just simply use a garden fork and make deep holes across the entire lawn. It’s also a good idea to give your lawn a good feed after you have aerated it so that the nutrients are well circulated within the soil and it can establish itself for the new season.

Do a big clean up
Go through and give you garden a good tidy up, like removing old and dead plants, branches, leaves and those pesky weeds. It can be time consuming but it means that you won’t have a huge job waiting for you in the spring!

Start a compost heap
Put all your grass clippings from your lawn, any leaves that have fallen from your trees, plant cuttings, shredded paper, and your household scraps (not meat, dairy or other vermin attractors though), and they’ll slowly break down to create a lovely, rich compost that you can use in the spring.

Give your gardening tools a bit of love!
Before you pack away your lawn mower and gardening tools into the shed or garage, why not take the opportunity to give them a bit of a spring clean so they are ready to go in Spring. Get your shears and secateurs sharpened, wash and dry your shovels and garden forks and brush off grass trimmings from under your mower and give it a good clean too.