Possible causes for loss of water pressure in your home

Water leaks can spring up anywhere in your plumbing system, including behind your walls, under your floors, or even in your home’s concrete slab foundation. Hidden water leaks can go on for some time before the signs are obvious, at which point the damage is already done.

If you suspect you have a leak because your water bill is going up, you hear water running somewhere, or you have tell-tale signs of water damage, the following causes could be to blame;

External causes

  • there could be a burst pipe, leak, fracture or fault in the area’s water supply.
  • Changes to the local water basin
  • Pinched sewer lines caused by invasive tree roots
  • A fracture in the local water main leading to clogged water lines
  • Work being done on your area’s water supply can also be another reason behind low water pressure, both planned maintenance work and unplanned water interruptions.

Internal causes

  • a fault in the plumbing layout
  • Have you recently had new appliances installed in your home, or renovation work done? This can sometimes affect your water pressure if someone has used the stop tap or stop valve outside your property and left it partially closed.
  • leaks in a water main, or a leaking or running toilet. Look out for water spots or puddles near the water fixtures in your home, or a dripping sound if the problem is a leaking tap. There could also be a leak outside your home, at the point where your house’s water main joins up with the local supply.
  • Obstructions in the supply pipes are another cause of water flow problems. A build-up of mineral deposits, dirt, sand, algae and even gravel can cause blockages in your home’s water lines.
  • Similarly, corrosion can cause low water pressure as rust from old iron pipes may plug up valves and pipes. Disintegrating plastic pipes can be another issue.

To accurately detect a leak, get a licensed plumber to take a look and to pinpoint the exact source of the leak, they will more than likely use acoustic microphones, pipe locators and nitrogen gas.