Is your retic ready to SPRING into action?

As we emerge from the Winter season we are all ready to burst into Spring and begin enjoying some warmer conditions and lighter mornings. The winter rain has encouraged the plants in the garden to grow and lawn to become greener but as we head towards Summer we can expect rainfall to steadily decrease until next February.


Is your reticulation system ready for action?

With the winter sprinkler ban behind us we can now consider switching the retic back on after its long hibernation. But is it still working?


There are many common issues that property owners experience when attempting to switch on irrigation systems once again in Spring.

These include:

  • Leaks
  • Broken or clogged sprinkler heads
  • Faulty reticulation controllers
  • Low water pressure
  • Zones not working

It’s not always easy to find the source of the problem. Property owners generally don’t have the time to properly investigate the nature of issues or own the correct tools for the job. This can mean repeat visits to your garden centre which can prove expensive, frustrating and time consuming. To add to the expense, Water rates have seen a steady increase over recent years so water leaks on your irrigation system can also prove expensive through water wastage if not identified and repaired quickly.


  • Switch on your reticulation system and carry out a test cycle
  • Visually check all sprinkler heads are working through the test cycle
  • Check timer on controller is working and program system to operate for your nominated watering days.


Don’t know your watering days in Perth?

You can find them here:

Watering tips

  • Sprinklers can only be used between 6pm and 9am on your watering days
  • Remember to only water once on your watering days
  • Watering in the morning is best – water soaks into the roots and is available throughout the day
  • Remember to switch off your sprinklers when rain is forecast

You may know your watering days but does your irrigation controller? A water-wise garden irrigator can help you set your irrigation for your rostered watering days.