ADD Property Maintenance

Do you need odd jobs done around the house or yard that doesn’t require the services of a tradesman, which are often higher priced?

Call us for those small to medium sized jobs that you simply do not have time for or that are just a pain to get done. Don’t employ a qualified tradie if you don’t have to; we can help you save costs by doing all your property maintenance for you.

Our team is equipped to handle all home/property maintenance tasks and modifications, including door re-hanging, gutter clean-ups, cabinetry modifications, minor repair and improvements works, and so much more.


Why choose us?

Our property maintenance service is part of the larger group, so if any specific trades are required to support the work that is being done by the property maintenance person, they can be easily accessed without having to wait for the owner to coordinate another time for a tradesman to get in there.

At the same time, our property maintenance team also has access to all the tools required for the job, which in turn reduces the amount of time and money that the client would need to spend.

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